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2013/2014 Golf Guide now available

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The 2013/2014 Golf Guide is now available for purchase. 


Thank you to all 280 NZ courses and the all great course volunteers that have assisted us in updating the new edition. 


Once again you can save thousands off green fees for a small purchase price of $39.95 per book.

Summer Golf

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New Zealand is experiancing a boom summer.  While the farmers and greenkeepers must hate it, the sun and great weather has been fantastic for golf. 

Handicapps are coming down (even my inflated one) and the scoring I've seen has been brilliant.  Putting however becomes more important than ever.  With the dry fairways providing the run and extra distance, my driver could almost stay in the garage - it's the chipping and putting that is winning (and losing) rounds. 

One of my personal peeves is chipping off hard dirt/ground.  Avoiding the bounce while attacking the pin is always a challenge - any hints?

Changing Face of Golf Tourism

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Thank you to everyone who has purchased the new edition of the NZ Golf Guide.  We trust you are all finding the new course information useful and the discounts are encouraging you to play more golf.

One of the benefits of the new website is that we can see what country visitors to the site come from.  It seems golf tourism to NZ is mirrioring the economic situation around the world.  I've seen a large decrease in visitors from Europe and North America but a large increase in NZ and Asian visitors.  I guess it is a sign of the times with kiwi's staying on-shore to enjoy NZ (and save money) and Europe struggling with financial contraints.

How about you?  Have you noticed any shift in visitors?

Any ideas how to communicate/welcome our friends from Asia?  The passion for golf out of Asia is brilliant and the pro ranks (male and female) are swelling with brilliant players out of Korea, China, Japan and elsewhere.  WIth the new demand will come new needs - our test in NZ will be to cater for these great visitors.

New Golf Guide now available

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 The 2012/2013 edition of the New Zealand Golf Guide is now available for sale.  Packed full of discounts and vital course information that is a must have for any golfer.

New Golf Guide coming out soon

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Work is now well underway for the new edition of the New Zealand Golf Guide.  We are excited to annouce some great new courses coming on board such as Aviation Golf Course and Murawai - both in Auckland.

Aviation is one of my favourite central Auckland courses - easy walking with a great variation of holes and views.  Right by the airport but the inlet provides some brilliantly challenging water edged holes too. It never hurts that one of my better recent round was there too!

Murawai on the other hand is a course that I've never managed to get a handle on.  One of the best links courses in New Zealanad, with your score heavily dependant on the weather - when the wind blows you'll be scrambling. 

I'm also very happy to announce Warkworth Golf Course have increased their discount to Green Fee holders for FY12/13 - all new golf guide holders will recieve 50% off every round. 


Black Caps sneak home

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While this is supposed to be a golf blog, I cannot resist sending out a mighty congratuations to the New Zealand Cricket team.  Affectionately known as the Black Caps, they achieved their first win against the Australians on their home turf for over 25 years. 

Even from my office I could hear cheers in the street and around the building as we all followed online or via TV and the radio.  Congrats to the team! 

On the off chance this is read by one of the team, the Golf Guide team would be happy to provide any team member ten free Golf Guides so they and their friends can enjoy the other great New Zealand summer past-time.

Kinloch - World Class Service at a World Class course

Posted by Evan Bateup on November 21, 2011 4 Comments

During our annual TiPaiPuke cup (played for with the other owners of the NZ Golf Guide) I had the pleasure of playing Kinloch Golf Course near Taupo in the center of the North Island.  Only 20 minutes off the main highway, Kinloch is a testiment to the vision of Jack Nicholas.  Built in a stunning but otherwise desolate landscape, it provides views of the lake as well as nearby mountains.

The courses underlating fairways and deep rough are only the start of the challenge. The large, sloping greens will prove a test to the best putters amongst you. Be sure to practice your bunker play before playing though, I would of hit a dozen fairway bunkers (the only times that I actually got a drive straight!).

The service that we got at the clubhouse was amazing.  The local pro welcomed us personally and gave us a great briefing on the course.  Unfortunately there were no carts available (they had let us know this when we booked), but they drove two carts to us on the 10th once they became available. After five hours on the course, they also kindly left the clubhouse open so we could have well deserved beers post the round.

Rugby and Golf - do they mix?

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 New Zealand is currently in the midst of what is (for us) the biggest international event staged here in my life-time. The Rugby World Cup has reportedly attracted thousands of visitors to NZ. As someone who is both rugby and golf mad, I anticipated a real surge in people playing accross NZ. With most games only on the weekend, I thought this would provide plenty of opportunities for our international visitors to enjoy our fantastic golf courses.

Talking to courses around NZ however, the feeling I get is that there has been no noticeable impact. As with a lot of other businesses, they were ramped up for large volumes, only to find it static or in many cases reduced.

My hypothesis is that maybe overseas rugby fans are not golfers and  with the increased air fares and hotel rates, our normal golf visitors from asia have been scared off NZ?

Best courses in Auckland

Posted by Evan Bateup on September 28, 2011 4 Comments

 For me, Manukau rates as one of the best I've played. It may just be I tend to play better there than elsewhere (e.g. The Grange or Gulf Harbour which have eaten me up recently) but it has the right mix of true greens, tree lined fairways and a challenging (but not impossiable) test of golf.

What are your favourites? What makes a good course to you - esp. the difference how you happen to play on the day makes!